Mumbai Main Satta Matka Results

Mumbai Matka game started nineteen Sixty century and its became popular towards stating of nineteen seventeen centuries. Mumbai Satta Matka game started in the port area of Mumbai Financial capital only, but day by day this card game spread his popularity all over India and become number One matka game in matka history. Satta King team publish this (Mumbai Matka) popular game since last some years and gave opportunity to his users played online through his website. game experts leak 100% fix Open close, Jodi and Pana before other expert guess it.


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Mumbai Main Satta Matka Results
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Date Game Name Results
16-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 379-92-156
15-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 356-45-249
14-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN **-**-**
13-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 230-54-130
12-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 880-66-330
11-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 127-01-470
08-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 489-16-169
07-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 566-71-380
05-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 234-96-277
04-02-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 225-97-250
31-01-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 118 -08-800
30-01-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 278-79-568
24-01-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 127-07-340
21-01-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 389-00-235
17-01-2019 MUMBAI MAIN 123-65-140