Daily Milan Day Matka Result Chart

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Milan day Matka main origin in Mumbai and and one the most popular game in India. Milan game mainly two types one is Milan Day and another is Milan Night Matka Game. Satta Matka Results publish fastest game results on his own results board for Milan Night Matka game. Our dedicated experts pass you 100% fix Open close , Jodi and Pana number every day. If you want to weekly assistance from our experts please signup our weekly plan and recover your past loss easily.


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Date Game Name Results
16-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 337-33-599
15-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 157-35-780
14-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 157-35-780
13-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 147-20-244
12-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 169-63-445
11-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 690-55-168
08-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 349-61-470
07-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 337-32-147
05-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 367-62-156
04-02-2019 MILLAN DAY 238-35-348
31-01-2019 MILLAN DAY 478-95-249
30-01-2019 MILLAN DAY 478-95-249
24-01-2019 MILLAN DAY 110-28-558
21-01-2019 MILLAN DAY 145-02-228
17-01-2019 MILLAN DAY 500-53-490